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    With Def Jam Rapstar coming out on October 5, 4mm Games have started the Def Jam Rapstar You Don’t Know Rap challenge, a free online trivia game widget that will test your Hip Hop knowledge.

    The You Don’t Know Rap challenge features five levels for players to progress through, answering timed questions in categories covering Lyrics, True/False, Trivia, History and Slang, all culminating in an Elimination Round.  As players progress, each level gets more difficult and the player has less time to answer the questions.  Players unlock badges upon completion of levels, from Newcomer to Headliner to Rapstar.  Want to earn the Speed Spitter badge?  Then answer any question in less than once second.  Want to be the Champion?  Complete more than 5 Elimination round questions and earn that coveted Champion badge.

    For those players that do know rap, you can share links to your scores and the game itself through your Facebook page.  For those that don’t know rap, well, you can always play again and hope to increase your score.  You can also watch the @youdontknowrap on Twitter to see scores from around the world in real time.

    To play this game, click here.

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