• There is a lot of good that has come out of the various conferences at E3 over the past few days, but for every good there is a bad. This is where I write the 5 games that let me down at E3 and covers all the respective conferences so as not to be bias towards one company.

    1) Gran Turismo 6

    The trailer was flashy and well put together, but I didn’t get excited. I didn’t have the same feeling of wow I had before and the new options and improvements didn’t convince me. Maybe this series has run its course?

    2) Assassins Creed IV Black Flag

    I was so excited for this after the initial viewing a few months ago. The trailer showed me that this was more or less the same game as the previous. You walk, sit on a bench, stab and run. It seems that this formula can work in any setting even a pirate one?  The graphics were lovely I will admit, but it’s too much of the same thing.

    3) Super Smash Bros

    This title was as inevitable as the sun setting. The trailer showed new characters and that this will be in HD for the first time. Playing as Mega Man is great but what’s new? We can play as the Wii Fit balance model for God’s sake. I’m thinking Nintendo isn’t really taking this game seriously anymore.

    4) Minecraft Xbox One Edition

    The trailer did little to change my mind about this title sadly, if anything it looked so out of place next to the AAA titles it was laughable. For me this really is a clever move my MS to bring in the minecraft fans to their side.

    5) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    What I saw from the trailer was very similar to what I played on the PC. It’s a new story granted but for me that’s not enough to get excited about a title that’s been on another platform. As soon as this comes out it will no doubt get compared to the PC versions and it may not win. For a true next-gen title to be individual, it must differentiate itself. I may be wrong but time will tell with this game.

    What do you think? Let me know your thoughts and feelings, did I miss any games you thought were let downs?

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    • Ki

      One possible reasons why eight-gen SSB is included in this list is because NONE of Namco Bandai franchises show up in the first trailer (and even Namco Bandai announced ONLY ONE GAME [a disappointment] during E3 2013).