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    Activision has announced today that Jurassic The Hunted will be released on November 3rd for the XBox360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. Jurassic The Hunted is a first person shooter in the vein of Turok where you must fight for survival by scavenging for weapons, defending barricades and beating titanic dinosaurs.

    Jurassic the Hunted is a shooter set on a dark, mysterious island lost in time. Players assume the role of weapons and survival expert Craig Dylan, who has been hired to protect a research team studying the strange temporal energy of the island. Protection quickly becomes a fight for survival as Dylan is pulled back in time through the Bermuda Triangle and finds himself facing the “most terrifying creature in the history of the planet.”

    “Get ready to be hunted,” said David Oxford, Activision Publishing. “In Jurassic: The Hunted players will experience nonstop, vicious dinosaur attacks coming from all directions – and these are massive beasts that don’t go down with a single rifle shot.”

    Take a look at the trailer below and tell us what you think about this upcoming title.

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