• EA and Spicy Horse have announced that the dark and deranged fantasy/adventure game Alice: Madness Returns is now available at retail stores in North America.  A sequel to the original PC hit American McGee’s Alice, the new title finds a grown-up Alice finally free from Rutledge Asylum for the Insane, but still grappling with the horror and survivor’s guilt of the tragic fire that killed her family 11 years earlier.  Alice returns to Wonderland to uncover the truth about her past.  But what was once a place of refuge has now been transformed into a sinister nightmare, and madness threatens to overcome both Alice and Wonderland.  Alice: Madness Returns builds upon the distinct art style of the original game, but with new visuals, story and game design.

    “Spicy Horse is proud to bring players back to the beautiful yet dark world we have created for Alice,” said American McGee, Spicy Horse Games Co-Founder and Senior Creative Director. “The team has gone to great lengths to make sure that both fans of the franchise and newcomers alike will find themselves eager to tumble down the rabbit hole again thanks to an immersive story and distinctive art style.”

    With the purchase of Alice: Madness Returns, EA is offering a one-time-use Online Pass registration code (for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360) that gives players access to the original cult-classic American McGee’s Alice, and a download for the original PC version for those who purchase a PC version of the game on EA Store.com.  Fans of the franchise are also being treated to an assortment of downloadable content upon the game’s release, which include the following items:

    DLC Weapons

    • Pepper Grinder – Called the Octo-grinder, this weapon increases ammo limit and provides double the ammo
    • Hobby Horse – The Knightmare restores gamers’ health with each hit
    • Teapot CannonThis weapon increases damage to enemies by 50 percent
    • Vorpal Blade – This infamous weapon reduces damage from enemies by 50 percent

    DLC Dresses

    • Flesh Dress – The Fleshmaiden dress causes hysteria at any time
    • Matt Hatter Dress – The Hattress causes a player to lose teeth instead of health
    • Chess Dress – The Checkmate deals out double the damage for all weapons
    • Rabbit Dress – The Late but Lucky Dress imbues a player’s health with the power of Shrinking Violets
    • Cheshire Dress – The Cheshire Dress disables all Rose Drops from enemies
    • Caterpillar Dress – The Caterpillar Dress keeps Shrink Sonar active

    “”The fan reaction to the Alice franchise has been just phenomenal,” said Sinjin Bain, Vice President of EA Partners.  “Since the original game was released in 2000, fans have been clamoring for the next installment to find out what Alice must overcome to discover the truth about her past. To reward our most passionate fan base, we’re thrilled to be able to offer them this wide assortment of downloadable content.”

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