• With the recent surge in popularity that Kickstarter has enjoyed it can be hard to keep track of all the projects that you might want to back.  One project that you should really have your eye on though is the one for the All Games Network.  If you aren’t familiar with the All Games Network it is an internet radio station that features content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  With that said though All Games is much more than a mere internet radio station.  In addition to that there is also a tight knit community that has been developed over the years.  There is a chat room that is constantly active.  All Games has community members that live all over the world insuring there is probably someone in chat to talk with whether it is 3pm or 3am.

    The All Games Network features a wide variety of podcasts with some of them live and some of them pre-recorded.  The live shows such as Dead Pixel Live utilize the AllGames.com chat room to interact with the listeners in real time and even encourage people to call in and be a part of the show.  Have you ever listened to a podcast and thought to yourself that the person speaking really doesn’t have a clue as to what he is saying?  With the live shows you can state your opinion in the chat room (or call in and do it verbally) with the possibility of the hosts seeing your comment and responding to it immediately on the air.  During the times where there aren’t any podcasts you can still go to the site and listen to different types of video game music.

    With all of that said you might be wondering why the All Games Network has started a Kickstarter fund.  The reason is that they want to expand to make the network even bigger and better than it already is.  In addition to the current shows that are featured on the network they will be bringing in new talent.  Despite the name of the network being “All Games” there are also podcasts that deal with comics, anime and various other facets of gaming.  They want to overhaul the allgames.com website and forums so that everything works together seamlessly.  As I have mentioned up above, All Games has a great community, however, this “upgraded” All Games will be completely rebuilt around the community making it even better.  Once they reach their goal All Games will be able to hire some new staff members as well to make sure everything runs smoothly.  In other words,

    “This campaign  is to build an entire network for gamers, not just one podcast . AGR (All Games Radio) is home to award winning live shows and podcasts like All Games Interactive, The B-Team, Chatterbox Radio, Dead Pixel Live, ElectricSistahood, Fantastic Forum, RPGrinders, Spooky Hour Horror Hour, Vault Reviews, Videogame Outsiders and more. They have all been entertaining audiences for years and we want to add even more to the network. But we’re at the threshold of what can be done with our limited resources so now we’re asking for your support.”

    Still have more questions?  Head on over to allgames.com and see what it is all about.  Enjoy the gaming music or possibly a podcast or two.  Go into the chat room (chat.allgames.com) and say hi.  I have been a member of the community since 2005 and it is always nice to see  new people come into chat.  If you treat everyone with respect then you will get respect in return and you might even get some new friends.  You can also head over to their Kickstarter page to get the rest of the details about who they are and what they hope to accomplish.  It is important to keep in mind that they are trying to upgrade an entire network, not just one podcast.  All Games is one of the largest independent gaming radio networks on the internet and, hopefully, will get even bigger with this Kickstarter project.

    The All Games Kickstarter project runs until June 20 so you have plenty of time to visit and donate, if you so choose.  There are also reward tiers based on how much you are able to donate.  Don’t forget though as June 20 will be here before you know it.  It should also be noted that all of the show hosts provide their podcasts for free and they should all be available on iTunes.  You can become part of the community without spending a dime, however, donating will help to insure that the network grows and expands.  Take a look for yourself and tell us what you think below.

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