• The new All Games Network has launched and with it comes a brand new website, new shows, new features and more.  The All Games Network is truly one of the first video game communities online, launching all the way back in 1996.  Throughout the years they have grown and expanded with such hit shows such as All Games Interactive and now Dead Pixel Live.  Since All Games re-launched earlier this year on January 1 nearly 10,000 gamers have re-discovered the network and have found a bunch of new shows to enjoy and a community full of people who have been there from the beginning as well as recent additions to the family.  Personally speaking I joined the All Games community back in 2005 and over the past eight years I have made some really great friends, some of who I have been able to meet in real life at various gaming events such as the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), E4All and the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX).

    There are a variety of ways to interact with the network with all of their live programming via Skype or in the chat room where you can join in on conversations not only about games but other relevant topics of conversation too.  Some of the shows broadcast live on allgames.com which means you can have a direct impact on the show by posting your comments in chat or on the forums or even by calling in and engaging the hosts in a conversation.  Among the lineup of shows on the All Games Network is the award winning Video Game Outsiders, voted podcast of the year by the Xbox Live Community, Cat and Fox, Fantastic Forum, Dead Pixel Live and much more.  The All Games Network started out being primarily about games but has since expanded to not only talk about video games but there are also shows that talk about anime, comics, movies, and more.  There are shows that talk about games in general and then shows that cover a specific genre such as the RPGrinders.

    All Games COO, Derrick Hopkins, had this to say, “All Games has been a fixture in gaming for over a decade.  We were the first to broadcast live from the floor of E3, we are home to some of the longest running gaming podcasts around and we’ve remained 100% independent through the years.  That’s because of the passions of our hosts and the strength of the All Games community.”

    All Games has community members from every corner of the globe which means you can go in to the chat room at any time of the day and find someone in there to chat with.  Everyone in the community loves games and the chat room can be a great source of information.  The golden rule applies here where if you go into the chat room and “play nice” with everyone that you will enjoy your time there and will most likely gain new friends to play with/against on your favorite gaming service whether that be Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or Steam.

    There are also forums where you can go to discuss your favorite topic or maybe organize upcoming gaming sessions.  Additionally, All Games features regular tournaments in every genre and on multiple platforms, such as their Battlefield 3 multiplayer tournament or their retro gaming high score competition.  Sign ups for the next tournaments will happen soon at www.allgames.com/show-lineup.

    The line-up of shows on the All Games Network is as follows:

    • The Anythingcast – As the name implies the show covers anything geek, from games to science to adult entertainment and beyond.
    • The B-Team – These Video Game Outsider community vets have come into their own as show hosts bringing a different take on the latest trends in gaming.
    • Cat and Fox – Cat and Fox discusses everything that is Japan.  Anime, Games, Manga and more it’s all covered in charming conversation from hosts Kitsune and Burr.
    • Chatterbox Radio – Host Alon Waisman is dedicated to educating and entertaining the masses about video game design, development and the industry as a whole.  Chatterbox Radio also touches on the political and social issues surrounding interactive entertainment.
    • Dead Pixel Live – What happens when the Daily Show meets Intervention in the multiplayer lobby of an FPS?  You get Dead Pixel Live, a mix of in depth industry interviews, audience interaction, game reviews, and pop culture discourse.
    • Dead Pixel Live: LE – Dead Pixel Live: Loserly Edition looks closely at the social issues that facing gamers from all sides in a fun, lively and informative discussion.
    • Electric Sistah Hood – Get a female perspective on video games, tech gadgets, anime and more with Electric Sistah Hood!  Hosts, NinJaSistah and Pandalicious, geek out as they discover the latest news in “technotainment.”
    • Fantastic Forum – Hosts Moses Magnum, Jei, Oz and Mayor Young serve up their unique brand of commentary and conversation on the comic book industry and geek culture.  Whether it’s Marvel, DC, indie or manga no part of the industry is left untouched by the Forum.
    • Gaming History 101 – With gaming hitting the mainstream just about everyone has played a video game, but many of the stories behind the games have gone untold.  Gaming History 101 is a show about the anecdotes and factoids that make up the interactive entertainment industry’s shrouded past.
    • Knuckleballer Radio – Eli and Freeman talk all things pop culture.  Movies, games or the latest news headlines, nothing is off limits when Knuckleballer Radio is coming at you.
    • Let’s Ask A Lady – A brave man asks the world’s most dire questions to a cast of intellectual women.
    • Mom’s Minute – Host Ms. H serves up her opinions on the latest games this console generation has to offer completely changing the meaning of the term parental advisory.  Mom’s Minute brings you the fresh point of view only the mother of a typical gamer could deliver.
    • Post Game Carnage Report – Pretty much the ultimate show about HALO and the people who eat sleep and breathe the franchise.  If you love HALO and you aren’t listening to Post Game Carnage Report what exactly are you listening to?
    • RPGrinders – RPG aficionados, Frank Branches, Eric RPG and Kiajudo, delve into the latest news and views of the role playing game scene.  But RPGrinders doesn’t stop there adding in a mix of religion, politics and conspiracy theory making this show a truly original jaunt not for the feint at heart.
    • R9Cast – R9Cast travels the road of games, movies, music and tangents. The distracted duo of Brigitte B and Esgee will lead you to the inner most geek corner of your mind.
    • SHHH – Spooky Hour Horror Hour takes you into the realm of the depraved discussing every aspect of the horror business.  Gore gurus Ted, Raychul and Sub-Zero dissect everything that will scare the snot out of you each week.
    • Vault Reviews – Bringing you the British perspective on the gaming scene.  Hosts Ellie Clark, Aaron Wilson & Maddie Hayward let you know the latest from across the pond.
    • Video Game Outsiders – Voted PODCAST OF THE YEAR by the Xbox Live Community Awards, VGO gives you video games, entertaining banter and the occasional pie… Michelle Madison and John Jacobsen, along with Game Radar’s Matt Bradford bring you video gaming from the average player’s perspective.

    If this sounds interesting to you be sure to check out the all new allgames.com.  You can even listen to the live stream with your iOS or Android device via Stitcher.  Check out the chat room at allgames.com/chat.  You might find some gamers just like you.

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