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    Atari has announced that it plans to publish The UnderGarden, a puzzle exploration experience for gamers who have an affinity for solving new-style puzzles.  Developed by the creators of Aces of the Galaxy, Vitamin-G, The UnderGarden is set to unleash its mythical mojo this Winter and will be available on XBox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network.

    The UnderGarden is a casual zen-like game that challenges players to explore beautiful underground caverns filled with strange life forms, physics based puzzles and plenty of hidden secrets.  The world comes alive and music evolves as players get deeper into the world of The UnderGarden.  With local co-operative gameplay, players can chill out and work together to solve puzzles and explore the world.  The UnderGarden offers 20 different levels of modern exploration filled with brain teasing physics and eco-friendly puzzles that evoke an emotional response to the beauty and calm of this underwater oasis.

    “The UnderGarden offers gamers a distinctive and alternative take on the puzzle genre,” says Jim Wilson, President of Atari.  “With soothing music and eco-friendly elements, The UnderGarden will take players on an underwater journey that will relax and rejuvenate their minds.”

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