• With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II a little over two weeks away Activision will be releasing the new Call of Duty Black Ops II live-action trailer tonight during the San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals MondayNight Football game.  TotallyGN however has the trailer right now for everyone to enjoy.   This trailer was helmed by director Guy Ritchie and features Robert Downey Jr. amongst other Hollywood talent.

    Reflecting the global phenomenon that is Call of Duty, a franchise which appeals to both mass and enthusiast audiences, several additional celebrity cameos round out the cast. Omar Sy, one of France’s top comedic actors, and a huge Call of Duty fan in his own right, makes an appearance, and core gaming fans will recognize Internet phenoms FPSRussia as well as iJustine.

    To support the launch blitz, Activision teamed up with Bad Robot Interactive to release a Call of Duty takeover to Bad Robot’s mega-hit Action Movie FX app, which is a free download available now on iPhone and iPad. The app enables fans to film real world environments with their phones, only to bring mayhem to them using Call of Duty: Black Ops II near-future weaponry. Additionally, fans can use the scan function in the app, to unlock and unleash exclusive new weapons for use in the app from the upcoming game.

    “With Call of Duty we are re-writing the rule-book of how games are marketed. This is more than a product launch, it’s become a cultural event. And, what Treyarch has created this year with Call of Duty: Black Ops II is nothing short of the most innovative Call of Duty title yet,” said Tim Ellis, CMO, Activision Publishing. “So our mission is to meet this creativity with the most dynamic and far-reaching launch campaign we’ve ever done. Everything we do is geared toward reaching our fans – the best community in the world – to celebrate with them the launch this November 13th.”

    This year more than 15,000 retail outlets worldwide are scheduled to open their doors at midnight on Tuesday, November 13.  Will you be there to pick up your copy?  Tell us what you think below.

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