• The third and final day of competition took place yesterday in Hollywood for the Call of Duty Championship presented by Xbox.  In the beginning 32 teams entered the tournament hoping to be crowned the best in the world.  By the end of last night only one team could claim that distinction and that team was from the United States, Fariko Impact.  Fariko beat another EnvyUS in a close fought battle that could have went either way.  While some might feel that cliche is a bit overused it was definitely the case here as the championship came down to the last few seconds of the last round.  There was only one person left for either team and the person who emerged victorious in that one on one battle would not only win that game for his team but the championship itself.  $200,000 was riding on those final moments as the team that came away victorious would leave the competition with $400,000 and the runner up team would get get $200,00.  Neither one of those amounts is exactly chump change but the $200,000 difference made those final moments incredibly tense and, for the winning team, made that moment of victory all the more special.

    Fariko Impact was the favorite to take home the Call of Duty world championship but there were some points during the weekend where it looked like they might not make it.  On Saturday they lost to EnvyUS in another closely contested battle and were sent down to the lower bracket as a result.  At the beginning of the day on Sunday Fariko Impact looked to have regrouped as they battled their way back into title contention by eliminating another US team, Optic Gaming.  This would set up the rematch between EnvyUS and Fariko Impact for the Call of Duty Championship trophy, championship rings, $400,000, the ability to be able to call yourselves the best team in the world and whatever else might come with such an accomplishment.

    Due to the teams having previously played on Saturday in the Upper Bracket the Championship was continued from where the teams left off.  Thanks to EnvyUS defeating Fariko Impact on Saturday they entered the championship game with a 3-2 lead and the first team to six was going to be crowned the champions.  This gave EnvyUS an instant advantage as Fariko would have to do more to win than their opponents and there were moments throughout the championship final where both teams looked poised to take home the title.  Capture the Flag on Raid was the opening match looking strong.  It was EnvyUS’s Rambo Ray that would give EnvyUS the early lead in the first round but Fariko quickly answered back and tied everything at one a piece.  The match eventually went into overtime which gave each team a chance at capturing a flag.  Fariko was up first and successfully retrieved a flag after 4:24 of play.  EnvyUS would have to beat that time if they wanted to take this match but it wasn’t to be as Fariko’s defense proved to be too much here and tied the overall series at 3-3.

    The next match was Hardpoint on Hijacked which wasn’t good news for EnvyUS as Hardpoint was a Fariko specialty and they won this match in easy fashion with Parasite controlling this round for Fariko, giving Fariko Impact a 4-3 series lead.  The next match was Search & Destroy on Express and both teams were definitely feeling the pressure.  Much like Hardpoint was a Farkio speciality, EnvyUS was a really good team at Search & Destroy.  EnvyUS would take an early lead in this match and Fariko would never be able to catch up which meant that the series was now tied once again at 4-4.

    The next match was Capture the Flag on Standoff and was extremely close.  Fariko Impact would put together an impressive display in the first round with Killa successfully capturing the flag in the first round.  This would prove to be the only score in this match and when all was said and done Fariko had regained the lead in the series 5-4.

    Fariko was now in striking distance of the Call of Duty Championship as they only had to win one more match and this one was Hardpoint on Raid.  With Fariko Impact being a really impressive team on Hardpoint (and with them already defeating EnvyUS early in the series) many felt this would lead to a Fariko championship.  EnvyUS had other plans though as they came out with an early lead that Fariko could never really catch up with.  In a close fought match that ended with the score 222-205, EnvyUS handed Fariko a surprising loss tieing the series once again at 5-5.

    With the series tied at five it all came down to the eleventh game which was Search & Destroy on Meltdown.  EnvyUS had the momentum going in and statistically speaking is a much better team than Fariko in Search & Destroy.    It didn’t matter in this instance though as the match was incredibly close with one of the key moments coming when Fariko Impact’s Parasite would plant a bomb at the “A” location.  Once the bomb was planted and armed that only gave EnvyUS a small window of time to diffuse it.  This is where it eventually came down to Proofy (EnvyUS) vs Killa (Fariko Impact) as everyone else on each team had been eliminated.  There was a tense standoff as Proofy and Killa came across each other on the map, each trying to eliminate the other.  The clock was not on Proofy’s side though and as soon as he went over to try and diffuse the bomb Fariko’s Killa showed up and took out Proofy giving Fariko Impact the Call of Duty Championship and everything that comes along with that.

    On a personal note I haven’t watched a whole lot of eSports but this was definitely an exciting match up and I look forward to seeing these teams in the future.  As Fariko Impact stood on the stage celebrating and basking in the moment EnvyUS stayed in their soundproof booth stunned as if they couldn’t believe what had just taken place.  There were many moments that have easily gone in EnvyUS’s favor but this weekend it was Fariko Impact that came out on top when it counted the most.  Fariko Impact left with the $400,000 but they weren’t the only team to leave with a nice payday.  The top eight teams left with money and the final standings were as follows:

    1. Fariko Impact – $400,000
    2. EnvyUS – $200,000
    3. Optic Gaming – $120,000
    4. Complexity – $100,000
    5. Fear – $70,000
    6. Epsilon – $50,000
    7. VVV Gaming – $35,000
    8. Inferno – $25,000

    Did you watch the Call of Duty Championship presented by Xbox this weekend?  If so, what did you think?  Who was your favorite team?  Tell us what you think below.

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