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    Totally Gaming Network was recently invited to San Francisco to see a preview build of an XBox 360 exclusive title that should be hitting store shelves later this year. The title is “Captain Blood” and it is an action/adventure hack and slash, similar to a God of War. The game’s missions will have you playing on both land and sea with ship to ship battles and sword fights. You can manually fire ship cannons from the foredeck of a ship or simply navigate in third person while the cannons aim automatically and only fire when commanded. Missions that take place on land will have you fighting multiple enemies as you, “parry, thrust and sidestep” through different types of enemies. As you progress through the game you will gain special points which you can then use to acquire new fighting techniques and gold for weapons and equipment.

    It all seems like it works well together, however, my concern after playing it for a bit is that it could get a bit repetitive. Hopefully that isn’t the case and the final build should be fun to play to find out. The controls are pretty basic for the genre so there really isn’t anything worth mentioning in that aspect. Graphically it seems to be a pretty game (the quality is better than the video shows). Having missions take place both on land and at sea should hopefully help keep things interesting as long as they got the pacing right. Look for our review once the game hits store shelves later this year.

    While at the event we managed to capture some gameplay footage, however, keep this in mind. The footage was recorded with the video function of a digital camera. With that being the case the video quality isn’t the greatest, however, it is decent. Enjoy the video and leave any comments/questions below.

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    • The early part of the trailer reminds me of Golden Axe, nice stabbing actions with the sword.