• NinjaBee having been responsible for Outpost Kaloki give us Cloning Clyde as their second Xbox LIVE Arcade title to hit the Xbox 360.  You play the character of Clyde in a side-scrolling platform puzzle-based game, and as the game title suggests throughout the game you are able to clone yourself in what becomes a necessary action to get yourself from A to B.

     The game begins comic book style with you seeing the ever so slight dumb Clyde receiving a quick buck in return for agreeing to be experimented on. It all goes horribly wrong as you would probably expect and soon there more Clyde’s than Clyde can count up to running around. It is now up to you to help them escape through what are 35 levels of action-based/puzzle-based gameplay.

    Cloning Clyde

    Your objective throughout each level is to destroy a set number of security bots that seem to like to throw exploding mutant chickens at you and to get to the teleporter escaping to the next level. But as you play through each level you will quite often find that there will be other cloned Clyde’s locked away in a box, or with you as the player needing to use a cloning machine to make duplicates of yourself to get through the level. This therefore adds another dimension, because if you are looking for bonus points then there is some importance at getting those clones out of the level before you jump into the teleporter. Yet another set of bonus points exist in each level with you able to collect action figures hidden away in each level. Hit target totals with these action figures and you will also in turn unlock achievements and an improved gamerscore.

    Your character Clyde has a limited number of moves up his sleeve, being able to run, jump, double jump and kick ass when it comes down to destroying the security bots. Clyde is also able to operate levers, stand on switches and carry objects such as rocks and animals. And whilst I have your attention on the animal’s front, certain levels contain DNA machines and Clyde is able to take an animal and with the machine mutate himself into said beast. These mutant Clyde flavours come in the form of a Chicken, Sheep and Ape to name a few and again these transformations become extremely important if you are to reach your goal of unlocking the teleporter on each level. Chicken Clyde can fly, with Sheep Clyde being able to jump over large distances and Ape Clyde being good at climbing.

    Each level is pretty straightforward and unless you are gagging to get through these all under par time then you can really take your time working out the best routes for not only getting yourself out the level but in also making sure your fellow clones escape. Of course replay on each level is very easily done, so attacking the level twice to (a) ensure you tick the objective box on your first pass and (b) you replay the level running through it like a loon just looking to get a fast time is certainly a good idea, and would probably be your best attack strategy.

    Cloning Clyde also has a Multiplayer aspect to the game, where you can choose to either play in Co-Op Mode or in the Arena with versus play. Versus play works with a one on one or two versus two player set-up and pits each team against each other with the objective to destroy the other teams security bots. Its fun to play through, although there is more fun to be had with the offline aspect of the game.

    For an Xbox LIVE Arcade game Cloning Clyde certainly ticks all the boxes in the looks and feel department. The games simple yet stunning graphics are simply lovely to look at… I have grown tired of seeing Xbox LIVE Arcade titles appearing with titles we have wanted to replay with the older retro titles, only to see them looking worse than they did in their original day. Cloning Clyde stands head and shoulders above the rest there and whilst the audio side is minimal its also perfect.

    Summing up Cloning Clyde is a stunning little Xbox LIVE Arcade title, there is nothing that is too hard within the game, but that makes it a perfect little package and a must have download; from the marketplace.

    Score: 7/10

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