• THQ has just released a new video for their upcoming title, Darksiders II.  Save your soul and watch as James Cosmo (“Braveheart,” “Game of Thrones”) delivers the final sermon during the apocalypse in THQ’s newest Darksiders II live-action trailer.  In addition to announcing the end of days in his role as a minister for the trailer, Cosmo will lend his voicing talents to the game as the Maker Elder Eidard and other characters.

    Hammer Creative, a Videogame Creative Agency specializing in all aspects of A/V, has conceived, produced, edited, and provided post production for a new, four trailer marketing campaign promoting client THQ’s new Darksiders II videogame. The announcement was made by Hammer Creative’s Executive Creative Director Scott Hayman.

    Creative Director/Producer Brett Hocker and the Hammer team spearheaded the new campaign, first conceiving and story-boarding the four trailers behind Darksiders II, including three that are fully CGI, along with a highly ambitious, live action trailer book-ended by CGI content. Hammer then retained The Ebeling Group and director Abdel Abonamous to shoot the live action trailer, a highly cinematic piece (running time 2:17) which was filmed on location in Prague earlier this year.

    Entitled “Last Sermon,” the live action trailer begins with the scene of an Eastern European city lying in ruin, but with an old church still proudly standing amidst the rubble. Inside the church, actor James Cosmo, star of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” appears as a Minister, delivering a “last sermon” to his congregants, all of whom stand on the brink of death. “Before the eyes of God, we have been judged…and we have been found guilty,” Cosmo declares, with smoke from his bitter cold breath pouring from his mouth. “Death awaits us all, just as Revelations proclaimed it would.”

    We hear the monstrous screams of demons emanating from outside the church, as stained glass windows shatter, a chandelier falls from the ceiling and an enormous cross crashes to the ground. The Minister, reading from the Book of Revelations, screams, “The great day of his wrath has come! And who shall be able to stand!” Suddenly, an eerie quiet takes hold of the church, until a bloody sword comes shooting through the church’s front door. The Minister peers through the hole left by the sword, and sees their savior – Death – standing as the last defense before an army of demons. At the end of the piece, we see the logo for Darksiders II and the tagline: “Death Lives.”

    Said Hayman, “Brett Hocker wrote and produced this dramatic piece for ‘Darksiders II,’ and truly was the creative visionary behind this unique trailer. Our goal with this campaign was to build up the mystique of the ‘Death’ game character. Gamers aren’t sure if ‘Death’ is a hero or a villain – whether he’s good or evil. We don’t really know what his intentions are, so we wanted to convey a bit of intrigue about this unique character. For the ‘Last Sermon’ trailer, we wanted to add a human element to the story of ‘Darksiders,’ which takes place mostly in Heaven or Hell—there’s very little game activity on Earth. The scene of a Minister in a decimated church delivering his literal ‘last sermon’ was our way of presenting what would likely happen here on Earth, before the actual apocalypse were to take place.”

    Adds Hocker, “The live action trailer was conceived as a companion piece of fiction inspired by the ‘Darksiders’ story, bringing real life ‘humans’ into the game’s world. We shot the piece for a week inside a 200-year old church near Prague, with no heat, during winter. The ‘cold smoke’ you see coming out of James Cosmo’s mouth during his speech was real! James was the perfect actor for this part, since he has such a larger than life presence and a wonderful, commanding voice. We felt if anyone would stand up to ‘Death’ during Mankind’s final hour in real life, it would be him.”

    Director Abdel Abonamous said, “What attracted me to the ‘Last Sermon’ script was its deliberate focus on the collateral damage in the ‘Darksiders’ universe. Outside the church, Hell, in a very literal sense, is breaking loose, but in our film, we decided to focus on the reactions of a huddled congregation who barely even understand what’s happening to them, let alone the bigger picture that the game’s plot paints. This storytelling method takes a huge event and transforms it into a low-level personal experience, making us, as viewers, feel like helpless bystanders. The location in Prague we found was great, both visually and in terms of the emotions it elicited. We shot in the very deep winter, and my goal was to make sure that James Cosmo and the extras felt a deep desolation. James was the perfect choice for the role of Priest, both for his physicality and for the deeply human element that shimmers from behind his eyes.”

    “Right from my first conversations with the Hammer Creative team, I knew that we shared the same feelings about this material, and together we branched out from the core of the concept to add more subtle facets to it. Brett, Scott, and I were always following the same emotional guideline — this type of understanding is sometimes hard to come by with creative collaborators, and I’m thankful for every moment of it,” Abonamous concludes.

    Jim Huntley, vice president of marketing, THQ, adds, “What Hammer Creative did so effectively in producing ‘The Last Sermon’ was to deliver something directly targeted to the Darksiders audience. After viewing this trailer, fans will be acutely aware of the massive scope of the apocalypse that humankind is experiencing in the world of the game.”

    Hammer Creative also produced additional behind the scenes content promoting Darksiders II, and supplied all of the post production for the campaign, including editorial, motion graphics, original music, sound design and audio post, at its Hollywood facilities. Additionally, Hammer retained Sydney, Australia-based Plastic Wax Animation to produce the CGI featured within the four Darksiders II trailers.

    Darksiders II follows the exploits of Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, in an action-packed tale that runs parallel to the events in the originalDarksiders game.  This epic journey propels Death through various light and dark realms as he tries to redeem his brother War, the horseman blamed for prematurely starting the Apocalypse in Darksiders.

    Check out the new video below and tell us what you think about Darksiders II.

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