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    Atlus announced today that they have released the full, enhanced Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition soundtrack, free of charge for a limited time.  Remastered, and in some cases recomposed, every track is presented as a complete composition and a reflection of the gorgeous and grotesque nature of the adventure in the world of Zenozoik.  This critically acclaimed, first-person melee action adventure brawler, Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition, is now available for your punching, kicking, and headbutting pleasure on XBox Live.

    There is a free demo that you can download now for Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition by clicking here.  To download the free soundtrack, click here.  Once you are on the website click on “soundtrack” and you will be able to download it from there.  Please keep in mind that this is for a limited time so be sure to download it quickly.

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