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    Last night Microsoft held their world premiere event for Natal, now known as Kinect.  Throughout this event they debuted a bunch of games with the majority of them aimed towards the casual market.  Some of the games that they showed off included:

    River Rush:  This was a racer where you were on a raft on a river.  You had full control of your avatar in the raft.  If you leaned left your avatar in the raft would lean left.  If you jumped then your raft would jump.  If there was something in the air that you needed to collect you could raise your arms and your avatar would immediately mimic your movement so that your avatar’s arms would hit the item in the air.

    Kinectimals: A game where you can train twenty different cats including lions, cheetahs and more.  For this game there are even plushies available where you can scan them using Kinect and they will appear in your game.

    Kinnect Sports: This was the Kinect version of Wii Sports.  There was some javelin, hurdles,bowling, beach volleyball and more.

    Joyride: Everyone remembers Joyride from the Microsoft 2009 E3 press conference, right?  It has been quite a while since we last heard anything about it leaving many gamers to wonder what was going on.  It was revealed that Joyride will support Kinect and that is why Microsoft has been so quiet about it.  For those unaware, Joy Ride was the free avatar racing game, at least it was announced last year that it would be free.  Only time will tell whether that remains true or not.

    Star Wars: No official title was giving to the Star Wars game, however, it is definitely the title that received the most reaction from the audience.  This Star Wars title essentially delivers on the promise that the Wii had.  Everyone wanted a game on the Wii where you could participate in light saber battles.  Well, that game is coming, however, it is coming to Kinect.  The demonstration that they showed was pretty amazing and everything looked 1:1.  Putting your hands in the position they would be in if you were actually holding a light saber would cause your character on screen to “turn on” the light saber.  You would swing your arms as if you had a light saber in your hand to deflect all of the shots from the Storm Troopers.  There was also a force push move and one where you can briefly channel your power and then quickly take out enemies around you.  The demonstration ended with Darth Vader making an appearance and the light saber battle between the Force and the Dark Side commencing.

    The whole event was mixed together with Cirque du Soleil and made for quite an impressive performance.  Throughout the evening Microsoft stressed the importance of family and of being able to “kinect” with friends, both locally and over XBox Live. 

    “Creating and producing this customized experience for Microsoft took four months of preparation work for the creation team and required 76 artists and no less than 200 technicians.  The magnitude of the event is greater than any other taken on by Cirque du Soleil Evens,” commented Martin Dignard, Production Director.

    Check out the product pictures that we have below and tell us what you think about the “Kinect” name as well a some of the games that have been shown.

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