• Ubisoft announced that the revolutionary Rocksmith game, that allows players to plug and play with any guitar, will be available in EMEA on October 11th. The game will include the brand new Bass mode, offering players the opportunity to play bass guitar on all supported on-disc and downloadable songs.

    Not only can players play the bass parts of songs, but bassists of all experience levels can also improve their skills with dedicated bass technique challenges and tutorial videos. Players can even use any 6-string guitar to emulate a 4-string bass. Tracking their learning has never been easier as bass progression is tracked separately from guitar progression.

    Last but not least, all songs can be played in multiplayer with one person playing the bass part and the other the guitar part.

    Rocksmith is the first and only video game where players can plug any real guitar or bass with the exclusive Real Tone Cable™ provided with the game, a standard 1/4” input jack into a console or PC and play through an in-depth library of music including everything from the latest hits to classic rock songs. Rocksmith features gameplay that automatically adjusts to the player’s skill level, and will engage experienced musicians as well as those who are picking up a guitar for the first time. Players will be able to choose from actual lead, rhythm, and combo guitar arrangements, inspiring players to perform songs after the game is turned off.

    Tell me this is not exciting you right now? Will this work? What do you think?

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