• With all of the money being generated by eSports tournaments, there is a new need for flash and flare. As professional gaming events become more and more popular with the general public, esports promoters have to find ways to make eSports ‘sexy’ and appealing to people beyond die-hard gamers.

    The UFC and Boxing promoters have been able to capture the attention of people for years on end. And they are so good at it that they are able to draw in people who are not even fight fans. Richard Lewis and ESP are hoping to do just that with their latest tournament.

    ESP Gaming is pulling out all of the bombastic stops with a “fight night on the Strip” atmosphere for the first-ever WSOE Word Showdown of Esports in Las Vegas, Nevada. A one-of-a-kind eSports Arena was opened in MGM’s Luxor earlier this year, but this event will be held at the at the 10,000 Square-foot Poker Go studio at the Aria Resort and Casino.

    The first installment of the WSOE will be streamed live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wsoe on July 14th and July 15th starting at 10 am PST. The Players Unknown Battlegrounds Pan-Continental Competition will hold guest appearances and head-to-head showdowns by players from OpTic Gaming, Team Envy, FaZe, Team Vitality, Tempo Storm, and a dozen other top teams. Sixteen teams fighting over twelve rounds of action will decide how the $100,000.00 prize pool is divvied up.

    “With the WSOE, we’re completely flipping the script on the traditional esports tournament format in a way that has never been done in competitive gaming. The WSOE’s unique format allows us to create the matches that competitors and fans want to see and that the competitors want to engage in. We look forward to re-imagining and growing the sport of competitive gaming and crowning our first WSOE Champion this fall.” – Richard Lewis

    No basic brackets or round-robin formats here. This new tournament is geared towards taking the most relevant players in eSports and pitting them against each other one-on-one. This is a great way of not only seeing who wins within current rivalries but building new rivalries that could create excitement and drama across other tournaments as well.

    This excerpt was taken directly from the WSOE website: COMING SOON: CHAMPIONS ONLY Head-to-head matchups between champions and challengers. Deep, long-standing rivalries. Winner-take-all competition. WSOE brings you a brand new perspective on esports.

    So we are likely to see soap-opera-like narratives build into grudge matches in the WSOE. And although this first event is PUBG, the brand is calling itself “Multi-Genre”, so we should see storylines and the best of the best going toe-to-toe in OVERWATCH, League of Legends, CS:GO, DOTA2, StarCraft and more.

    Like traditional sports, eSports has betting lines come out on the tournaments and individual team matchups for some time now. But, this type of setup could bring it to a whole new level, especially when tournaments are being held in places like Las Vegas, where wagering is perfectly legal.

    If you are interested in laying down a few bucks on your favorite eSports team or player, there a handful of reputable online outlets that will allow you to do so. In doing our research to find the best sites to bet on this growing sport, an Intertops review not only hinted as a trustworthy business, but as one that leads the industry in eSports wagering options.

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