• So the fans have been heard, due to popular demand and the amazing community of Dark Souls II who have expressed a high level of interest in the Japanese box art, Namco Bandai Games UK and HMV have worked closely together to deliver a brand new limited edition for fans this coming March. Namco Bandai Games have announced that 4,000 exclusive Japanese artwork designed front cover units of Dark Souls II will be hitting the shelves of HMV on March 14th, 2014.

    Customers will be able to pre-order in-store only and pick up on the day of launch and benefit from one of only 4,000 in the country.The limited edition sleeve – 2,000 on Xbox and 2,000 on PS3 – will come individually numbered. The question is who will get their hands on that elusive number one!? To avoid disappointment, fans are urged to visit their nearest HMV store to lock down their pre-order of one of the year’s most anticipated titles.

    The Collector’s edition has sold out and the Black Armour (almost) sold out, however retailers are still running pre order goodies, including Game with an inclusive T shirt, Indies with special numbered collector A2 gloss poster, Gamestop special numbered collector A2 poster, the Dark Souls II Into The Light comic book with Zavvi has almost sold out as well as the iPhone 5 cases exclusively with pre order with Shop to.

    Will this tip you on favour of buying this most epic of games? Let us know below

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