• Guinness 2010 World Record - Gamers

    Guinness World Records has announced that the Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition is now available in the United States and will hit store shelves in the UK on January 21st.  The third book in the series Gamer’s Edition 2010 provides a comprehensive guide to record-breaking video games on all consoles and features the Most Popular Video Game Series of All Time as voted by 13,000 visitors to the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition website.  Gamer’s Edition 2010 describes the attributes that likely influenced gamers to select Bungie’s first person shooter Halo over second placed Legend of Zelda as “greatest video game design: an iconic character, excellent level design, perfect controls and unparalleled multiplayer options.” 

    This year’s edition also features interviews with key figures in the industry (including Shigeru Miyamoto) and a broad range of content from classic arcade games to new developments in technology that will potentially shape the future of gaming.  Compiled and edited by the renowned Guinness World Records editorial team, 2010 Gamer’s Edition features more than 600 updated video game world records.  New Guinness World Record highlights include the Best Selling Video Game Series of All Time (Super Mario Bros series sold more than 201 million copies across all genres); The Highest Grossing Video Arcade of All Time (NBA Jam which earned over $1 billion in its first year of release) and the Longest Time Spent Playing an MMORPG (Sara Lhadi spent 16,799 hours playing Runescape between November 2004 and October 2009 – this averages out at 9 hours 20 minutes of play every day).

    Guinness World Records Gaming Editor, Gaz Deaves, says: “With huge game releases, big announcements and long-standing records broken, this year has been great for gaming.  The Gamer’s Edition 2010 is all about what’s great in videogames right now, and gamers of all ages and abilities will find something amazing in the new book, from the casual to the ultra-hardcore.”

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