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    Activision has announced their May release schedule for Guitar Hero 5.  Foreigner, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Steve Miller Band will have Guitar Hero players rocking in the beginning of May with the Classic Rock 3 Track Pack.  This track pack will hit on the XBox360 and the Wii on May 6th.  It will hit the Playstation Store on May 11th.  The songs in this pack include:

    • “Juke Box Hero” – Foreigner’s 1981 album, 4
    • “Sweet Home Alabama” – Lynyrd Skynyrd
    • “Take the Money and Run” – Steve Miller Band

    On May 11th some alternative-pop will hit Guitar Hero with a three song Alternative Pop track pack featuring Alpha Rev, Capra and Snow Patrol.  The songs in this track pack include:

    • “Face Down” – Alpha Rev
    • “Low Day” – Capra
    • “You’re All I Have” – Snow Patrol

    On May 18th Aerosmith returns to Guitar Hero with a three song track pack.  The three songs include:

    • “Livin’ On The Edge”
    • “Love In An Elevator”
    • “Rag Doll”

    Each track pack will cost 440 Microsoft points, $5.49 on the Playstation Store and 550 Wii points.  In addition each song will individually cost 160 Microsoft points, $1.99 on the Playstation Store and 200 Wii points.  In addition to the in-game music store, XBox360 owners can expand their Guitar Hero music library using the Guitar Hero VIP Pass Music Store.

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