• (Adopt old west grandpappy in rocking-chair accent) Since I was a boy, I’s been workin hard. Dog hard! I ‘member days when kids like you were put to work on them there mines. Toilin’ night n’ day for a buck or two. At the end of the day, we’d head on down to the local waterin’ house to drown the sorrows of a hard days work at the bottom of a whisky bottle. You’d git y’self arrested for even the thought of puttin’ your child to work before he was 16 years of age. But in those days, you were a man b’fore you could reach the door handle. You could fire a gun b’fore you could write. Some folks never even learned, cos’ in the old west, the gun was how you made your mark. Me’ I wasn’t a gun-slinger, but I sure tried mighty hard. It’s your turn now boy! Let me show you may friend Eugene. 6 barrels of pure steel, the ‘cot’ as I like to call it. Let those babies sleep until you’re ready to wake them up; guaranteed to put some poor b*stard to sleep! (remove said accent, sit back and appreciate my writing skills!)


    Everyone wanted a ‘grandpappy’ like the one above. The dungarees wearing, red handkerchief around the neck type that only existed in the movies. The ones who rode horses because it was the only way from point A to B. Gun give you the chance to be that white bearded fellow, but play his part from where it all began, the good ol’ wild west’

    Swapping skateboards for saddlebags, Neversofts’ wild-west shooter comes at a time where futuristic, paint by numbers epics are dreamt up every week. The vision and guts to produce an entirely new Intellectual Property has to be admired in itself; but is the game actually any good’ Starting off with your dad in the old west, you’re not a gunslinger to begin with, you’re a farm boy working his cattle and learning his trade when finally, you’re dad confesses that your birth as you know it, wasn’t as everyday as your clothes. You’re special, but is he going to tell you why you’re special’ God no! That’d cut the whole point of the booze filled, naked lady covered story. The plot, while not unique does offer a refreshing change to storming a beach or taking a control room on your quest for intergalactic dominance, or indeed more involving than the latest psychic weirdness on offer from the mundane and now commonplace sci-fi shooter. Packed with side mission; some small, some large, the main premise of the game is to find your roots and what really happened all those years ago. Taking in gambling, horse riding and many other activities aside from shooting, the game does offer enough variation to keep you enthralled for a short time, although it has to be said, I didn’t feel like playing the game from pillar to post.

    Character models are superbly detailed, accompanying the varied and often expansive environments, however, the main character and npc’s aren’t overly well animated. Not shabby in any way, but maybe a little more work could have been done, as on times whilst walking, or shooting, you can seem to glide from time to time. Horse riding though is probably better than barbie’s horse adventures and seriously, that’s not to be laughed at considering how good the horse animations were. Audio in the game isn’t all that great as there isn’t too much in the way of ambient noise, when lets be honest, when have you ever been to the dessert and heard background noise’ I’ve been once, and it sure doesn’t have the Ok Corrall piano music in the background. Although the score is a typical western score, it is really well implemented with Music at the right time, and in the right places. A simple task you may think, but often hard to achieve.

    Gameplay itself isn’t overly complicated, but the addition of quickdraw does enable you to get a heads up on the competition and really show off those headshot targeting kills, enabling the full use of Neversofts simply fantastic gore effects. Blood slashing across the screen and head’s coming off at a moments notice. However, and that’s a big however. Look up Big in the dictionary, Gun’s multiplayer mode is right there. Oh, no it’s not. There isn’t one. How cool would it have been to have shootouts on Xbox Live’ When I say draw, draw! Slinging bullets round like there’s no tomorrow at the saloon’ Yeah, I’d love that. It seems however that Neversoft either a) Didn’t fancy it, or b) forgot about it. A real shame in my book, which leads to the closing comments.

    Score: 8/10

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