• We know how much you enjoyed our previous GUNNAR gaming glasses review and to that end we have another. The GUNNAR Vayper is of a higher standard and build than the Intercept. The shape is cooler, slimmer and much nicer to look at. The first thing to strike me was how lightweight these really are, you forget your even wearing them. The design is very much like sporting glasses, the ones golfers wear. When I put these on, I instantly loved the fact the frames disappeared, and thanks to them being so light the only way I knew they were on is the slight yellow tinge the world had.

    The frame itself is solid but also is malleable and will suit any face shape. The nose pads are also adjustable and any shape nose can also fit in them. They are soft and very comfortable to boot, the handles that rest on the ears are flat, that means they don’t dig in the back of the ears or the head and are simply there to stop the glasses falling down. During testing the Vayper performed admirably, after the X hour they still were comfortable and they really work. These will not make you a better gamer, they will however reduce screen glare. This in turn reduces eye strain and this helps you game for longer and with much less fatigue.


    Another aspect is really liked was the fact that the handles are interchangeable, they simply pop out and you can put anything else in there that has the same ridges. This allows for ultimate customization and personalization. The lenses themselves are also anti-glare which is fantastic in situations of high light, such as a gaming convention or even a very sunny day in the background. The big test was not only in gaming but when a headset was worn and they passed this also. All headsets tested would fit and these Vaypers were very accommodating.


    I would really recommend these gaming glasses, they are light, stylish and do the job they are meant to. The Vaypers succesfully reduce eye fatigue, strain and block out harsh light that would overwise cause irritation. Also if you need prescription lenses then GUNNAR have you covered as these can be ordered. Overall these are slightly on the more expensive side of the price range but they are totally worth it. These will be a one-time purchase and will stand the test of time, if you’re a serious gamer these are a must.

    GUNNAR- Vayper- Review
    The most stylish, lightweight and effective gaming glasses we have tested to date
    Our Score for the Gunnar Vayper Gaming glasses10
    • Filters out harsh light, reduces eye strain and fatigue associated with marathon gaming sessions
    • Great design, very lightweight so much so you forget they are there
    10Overall Score
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