• A very young Harry Potter

    The latest installment of the Harry Potter series is due out on the 3rd July, to coincide with the accompanying movie. Once again we see our valiant young scholar rise against evil to try and save the world around him. This time however the world is really in trouble as Voldemort begins to flex his muscles on the Muggles world as well as Hogwarts. Harry, along with his trusty companions Ron and Hermione must save the day, that is of course if you stop yourself from taking the side missions involving Ron’s love interests.

    The game (which needless to say is available on every format except Sega Saturn!) features parts which most players of previous Harry Potter games will already be familiar with. There’s the standard Quidditch games, some dueling happens as you battle to save the castle and all those inside it. You can mix some potions, and well, standard Harry Potter fare really.

    In this installment there’s no Marauder’s Map, just Nearly Headless Nick, who will show you around if you get lost within Hogwarts. Night missions are big in this title as are potions and the ability to mix your own. PS3, PS2, 360 and PC versions all look and play much the same. On the Wii it’s standard fare. Disappointingly the game won’t be making use of the new Wii MotionPlus technology, due out later this month. The Harry Potter series could be compared to that of FIFA, another EA title. The basic premise stays the same, the graphics get updated and the story line might change a bit, but overall the formula of the game stays the same. That’s not say it won’t be good fun!

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