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    Shooters are definitely the most popular genre in gaming right now and with that the market is crowded with both good and bad titles. Arguably one of the biggest shooters in history, Modern Warfare 2, is set to hit store shelves in a matter of three weeks. For those gamers who are really competitive and who like to have better control during the game Kontrol Freek has got you covered.

    Kontrol Freek has introduced a product they call “FPSFreek”. FPSFreek was designed to improve your accuracy in first person shooter environments, helping you react and hit your targets faster. Basically what happens is that FPSFreek extends the length of your analog stick, increasing your range of motion, giving you 40% more linear distance from full stop to stop. When I initially started using this I didn’t really know what to expect, however, after some time using it I will probably buy another set for my second controller. It really does give you a bit more control over your accuracy.

    FPS Freek

    With that being said this new device will not automatically transform you into a professional gamer. You won’t attach this to your controller and immediately become untouchable. It might help you get better over time as your accuracy and skills increase though. Just like with anything else, if you put in the time to get better then you will eventually get better. After playing with FPSFreek for a little while I went back to my controller with normal analog sticks and the raised analog stick that FPSFreek has definitely helps, at least in my case.

    In addition to FPSFreek there is also SpeedFreek. SpeedFreek does the same thing that FPSFreek does, only for racers. SpeedFreek has a unique curve that enables you to hug the turns in racing games, without your fingers slipping off the controller or creating uncessary friction. It will keep your thumb on the existing control surface and the supporting walls enable sharper movements while adding to your control in racing games. Once again after I used this for a while I definitely could tell the difference and that I had some better control over my car and I didn’t have to worry about my finger slipping off of the analog stick.

    Speed Freek

    It should also be noted that while the pictures show the XBox360 controller, both the FPSFreek and the SpeedFreek will work on both XBox360 and Playstation 3 controllers. For more information be sure to go to KontrolFreek’s official site.

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      FPS Freek increases your accuracy in first-person shooter games like Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty and others. FPS Freek was designed and tested by professional gamers in tournaments across the Country. The results are clear – FPS Freek enhances aiming precision and increases game performance with a minimal learning curve.