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    Square Enix and Obsidian have released a new trailer for their upcoming title, Dungeon Siege III.  This new video highlights the final and most mysterious of the four playable characters.

    Anjali is an Archon – a literal legend, come to life.  In the stories of old, archons were spirits of fire, who served the long-lost creator gods. However, Anjali was raised by those who were sympathetic to the plight of the Legion.  As such, Anjali does not know how she came to this world, what happened to the others of her kind or the true extent of her awesome power.

    Anjali is able to shift freely between her human form and an incarnation of pure elemental fire.  In human form, she fights with a staff or a spear, allowing her to fend off multiple attackers while leaping in and out of the fray. In her fiery incarnation, she can hurl bolts of flames at ranged targets, flood entire areas with heat and fire, or inflict searing wounds that injure her foes over time.

    Anjali has many surprises for those who oppose her from both the martial to the mystical, but few strike terror into the hearts of her enemies like the summoning of her Fire Jackal.  Take a look at the new trailer below and tell us what you think about Dungeon Siege III.

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