• There is no doubt that Lost has become a smash hit since it first aired on our television screens in 2004. Now in its fourth season, Lost is a serial drama which takes place on a mysterious tropical island after a commercial passenger jet flying between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, United Stated crashed, with only some of the passengers surving.

    When I first heard that a videogame was to be created based on the series, I thought that it was way too early, with so many questions still unanswered from the television show and every avid fan knowing the storylines from every episode, how could they make a game out of this to keep even the most unbiased fan happy?

    Surprisingly the game isn’t as bad as you’d think. Without giving too much away, you play the role of a man (created specifically for the game) who is struggling to discover his identity after suffering amensia following the plane crash. You must then ask your fellow survivors such as Jack, Lock, Kate, Hurley and the pregnant Claire questions as you struggle to find out who you are.


    Just like in the TV series, you have ‘flashbacks’ as you talk to people and try to uncover what your past is. Again, without revealing too much, taking photographs is a key part in helping you to remember.

    Graphically the game is fine, locations have been accurately recreated and the characters look like their on-screen counterparts, Hurley with his multiple chins and stubble to Ben from the ‘others’ with his famous bug eyes. The voice-talent is a bit hit and miss, only some of the characters have been recruited to speak the dialogue. Sawyer’s ‘voice’ is probably the worst which has tried to be replicated and fans of the show will pick up on this straight away as the actor tries to say the sarcarstic lines which we have been accustom to.

    As you explore the beach and island you can pick up items such as fruit and water bottles which can then be traded with the likes of Sawyer for items and objects which will help you on your quests. One thing you’ll need plenty of are fire torches as you firstly struggle to navigate your way through the dark caves and try to avoid falling down deep pits or being killed if you run out of light. There was a few attempts when we even ended up back at the opening of the cave.

    There is a thinking element to the game and it frustrated the hell out of us as we tried to get to grips with trying to fix the multiple fuse meters. You need to work out the correct voltage before you can operate the meter – I’m sure there will be many posts on the internet from baffled gamers asking ‘How do I get the meters working’ and rightly so, it can be confusing when you are first starting out.

    Some areas of the game can be repetitive and tiresome after a while. The navigating of the caves can get frustrating after a while, and so can running away from the black smoke and avoiding the bullets from the others.

    The controls are easy to pick up and nobody should really struggle with this aspect of the game. When talking to characters you just select your line of dialogue in the same style as you would in the popular Monkey Island series.

    Overall it’s a decent effort but disappointingly there are only six missions/episodes in the game which can feel like it’s all over just as you’re just getting into it. Players can go back and explore the island which is always handy for those extra achievement points that you may have missed out on earlier.

    Score: 7/10

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