• Rockstar has revealed previews of three brand new maps included in the upcoming Local Justice Pack for Max Payne 3.  The new images detail each maps layout and provide an overhead view that highlights various sight lines, sniping locations, ideal camp spots and other strategic points of interest.

    Imperial Palace (Payne Killer + Deathmatch + Team Deathmatch) – São Paulo’s Imperial Palace is perfect for those that thrive on intense close-quarters combat. Packed with areas that allow you to creep up on unsuspecting enemies, as well as balconies and bars to catch the sluggish passerby, the Imperial Palace is designed for non-stop action, so equip a Loadout that can handle everything that this fast paced multi-level environment holds.


    55th Battalion HQ (Gang Wars + Payne Killer + Deathmatch + Team Deathmatch) – An expansive bi-level multiplayer map packed with tight corners, bulletproof glass and a balance of open spaces and scattered hiding places, the den of the ruthless São Paulo Special Forces has a seemingly endless number of jail cells, control rooms, and choke points for you to shoot your way out of. Dual wield some powerful pistols or equip a speedy shotgun to get the most out of your Loadout as you showcase your hit and run tactics.


    Departure Lounge (Payne Killer + Deathmatch + Team Deathmatch) – Stave off enemies gunning for you through the sunglass kiosks, book stores, and vending machines that litter the Departure Lounge of São Paulo’s Piratininga Airport. Packed with plenty of strategically obstructed views, alcoves, and enough cover to hide you from certain death, this map has been tailored for intense Multiplayer action.

    The Local Justice DLC pack is now available for the special launch week promotional price of 480 Microsoft points or $5.99 on PlayStation Network.  Will you be picking this up?

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