• Atlus has released a new trailer for Catherine and announced that gamers can expect the demo to hit on July 12.  The new video introduces viewers to a growing phenomenon that has just recently enveloped Vincent, the game’s protagonist.  When he goes to sleep every night, he finds himself in the middle of twisted, terrifying nightmares, forced to climb up before his footing gives way and he plummets to his demise, and away from horrific manifestations in order to stay alive.  Moreover, Vincent is not alone in this challenge; other men are struggling through the same supernatural maze.  All of this is, of course, complementary to the dilemmas Vincent creates for himself during the day in his interpersonal relationships.

    The July 12 demo will introduce players to the main characters, particularly Vincent and his growing sense of panic at repeatedly finding himself within terror-filled nightmares.  Fans can enjoy the stunning anime from Studio 4°C, the beautifully rendered in-engine cutscenes, and get their first hands-on with Catherine’s core gameplay as they navigate Vincent through his nightmares.  Even North American gamers who tried the Japanese demo will have reason to download, as it will offer them a chance to preview to the English voice track.

    Have you tried out the Japanese demo?  If so, what do you think about Catherine?

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