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    Recently at Pax East Twisted Pixel did a live demonstration of one of their new titles, Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley.  The demo consists of the game’s protagonists Captain Smiley and Star moving through the first comic book, The Adventures of Captain Smiley, where they must thwart a bank robbery by the crazed Dr. Winklemeyer and Smiley’s arch-nemesis Brad.  The first comic features tons of written dialog and voice acting, graphics that conjure the epic splash-page comics from the 90’s, gameplay modes ranging from melee to shooting to riding a Brad-bot down the side of a building, intense panel-jumping transitions and more.

    There haven’t been any details released yet in terms of pricing and when we can expect to play this game at home.  Check out the video below of this demo and tell us what you think.

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