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    Activision has announced new downloadable content for DJ Hero.  Starting March 18th living room DJ’s can mix, scratch and battle with the Jay-Z vs. Eminem Mix Pack, featuring the following exclusive mash-ups:

    • “Shake That” by Eminem mixed with “Show Me What You Got” by Jay-Z
    • “Without Me” by Eminem mixed with “Encore” by Jay-Z
    • “Can I Get A…” by Jay-Z mixed with “Lose Yourself” by Eminem

    The Jay-Z vs Eminem Pack will be available on XBox Live for 640 Microsoft points and will hit the Playstation Network on March 25 for $7.99.  All singles will be released as downloadable singles for Wii on March 25 for 300 Wii points each.

    Jay-Z vs Eminem

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