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    Activision has announced the February downloadable content for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.  This new mega pack features Marilyn Manson, Children of Bodom, Black Label Society and Firewind.  The new songs include:

    • Marilyn Manson – “Get Your Gunn”
    • Marilyn Manson – “Coma White”
    • Marilyn Manson – “Tourniquet”
    • Children of Bodom – “Was It Worth It”
    • Children of Bodom – “Blooddrunk”
    • Children of Bodom – “Living Dead Beat”
    • Black Label Society – “Parade of the Dead”
    • Black Label Society – “Black Sunday”
    • Black Label Society – “Crazy Horse”
    • Firewind – “World on Fire”

    The “February Mega Pack” is available for 1,440 Microsoft points, $17.99 on the Playstation Store and 1,800 Wii points.  All the songs are also available individually for 160 Microsoft points, $1.99 on the Playstation Store and 200 Wii points.  Check out the trailer below showcasing these new songs and tell us what you think.

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