• Atlus has released a whopping nine new trailers for their upcoming title, The King of Fighters XIII.  The videos present three of the triads of fighters fans can play as in the game’s team battles: Team Fatal Fury (Terry & Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi), Team Women Fighters (King, Mai, Yuri), and Team Japan (Kyo, Benimaru, Daimon).  Each video shows the characters’ special moves, including their NEOMAX supers, helpfully presented with the control inputs.

    Check out all of the trailers below and tell us what you think about The King of Fighters XIII.

    Team Fatal Fury – Andy


    Team Fatal Fury – Joe


    Team Fatal Fury – Terry


    Team Japan – Benimaru


    Team Japan – Daimon


    Team Japan – Kyo


    Team Women Fighters – King


    Team Women Fighters – Mai


    Team Women Fighters – Yuri

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