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    505 Games has released two new trailers for their upcoming title, Naughty Bear.  As Naughty Bear, players will wreak havoc on every stuffing-filled foe that crosses their path. Featuring an array of weapons, objects and scare tactics, gamers strive to earn Naughty Points as they inflict physical and psychological harm on Naughty Bear’s enemies.  The all new scare based points system means players will win the most rewards for being deviant and maniacal.  Naughty Bear features more than 30 levels to unlock, with unique characteristics and weaponry encountered at every stage.

    “Players tired of the same old shoot-’em up, recycled gameplay are going to get what’s coming to them in Naughty Bear,” said Adam Kline, president, 505 Games U.S.  “The all-new scare-based points system introduces a whole new element of fun in Naughty Bear as players win the most rewards for being deviant and maniacal.”

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