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    Codemasters has announced that new Overlord II downloadable content is now available on XBox Live and the Playstation Network. The “Battle Rock Nemesis” downloadable content installs the imposing ‘Battle Rock’ arena in the Netherworld which plays host to a series of new combat challenges as the player progresses through the game. Gamers harvest life force as they wreak havoc upon Nordburg Hunters and Gnomes in practice rounds and then take on fearsome foes, including the Satyr, the Empire’s Champion, and the fabled Phoenix in a series of boss battles which unlock new rewards including more powerful spells and in game items for the Overlord and his Minions. On the XBox360 version players can earn achievements worth 100 points through winning the boss battles.

    This new content is available for 400 Microsoft points or $5 on the Playstation Network.

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