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    A new trailer has been released for the upcoming movie tie-in game Planet 51. In close keeping with the storyline of the film, Planet 51 gives players the chance to immerse themselves in the world of Planet 51 whilst helping bumbling astronaut, Chuck and his new found alien friend, Lem, find their way back to Chuck’s spaceship. Not only will Planet 51 relive memorable moments from the movie, but it also expands the vibrant Planet 51 universe with the inclusion of characters, environments and vehicles exclusive to the game. The free roaming world of Planet 51 allows characters to explore on foot, before commandeering vehicles to complete numerous missions enabling Chuck to return home to Earth. Chuck and Lem can take control of hover bikes, taxis, cars, trucks and more to take part in missions involving police chases, cutting grass and even driving angry gorillas to the circus. Planet 51 will also allow friends to compete in head to head races in the multiplayer versions of the game.

    Check out the new trailer and leave your thoughts below.

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