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    Southpeak has released some new screenshots for their upcoming racing title, Superbike World Championship.  These new screenshots have to do with the Arcade mode in SBK X.  Some of the things to be aware of in Arcade mode include:

    • The Guideline: A band of color on the track.  Its purpose is to show you the best part of the track to ride on, where you’ll get the best traction, and to guide you into the turns.  Not only is it laid out on the optimal trajectory for all the turns, its color tells you how to adjust your speed.  Bright green means go faster, red tells you to slow down, and a greenish-yellow indicates your speed is perfect for the turns.
    • Boost: Pressing the Boost button will crank the bike into overdrive and let you reach your top speed much faster than normal.  Be aware, this increase in speed augments your centripetal force, thereby diminishing your turning radius.
    • Laws of Physics: Since the point of Arcade mode is to have fun and go fast, the physics have been augmented to support this.  In Simulation mode, reaching your top speed can make the bike very unstable while turning.  Whereas in Arcade, as long as you hit the brakes early enough, you’ll be just fine.  Pushing the bike into a power slide while turning is also much easier here, so don’t be afraid to try it out.  Being able to edge past someone on a turn while on the inside edge can really be a rush, as long as you time it just right.

    Take a look at the new screenshots below and tell us what you think.  Are you looking forward to this title?

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