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    Harmonix and MTV Games have announced that a four pack of songs from American punk rockers X, three singles, including a free track, from British garagerockers Little Fish, as well as singles from Ace Frehley, Carrie Underwood and OneRepublic will be added next week to the Rock Band Music Store.  The songs included from these artists include:

    • “Blue Spark” – X
    • “The Hungry Wolf” – X
    • “I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts” – X
    • “Los Angeles” – X
    • “Am I Crazy” – Little Fish
    • “Bang Bang” – Little Fish
    • “Darling Dear” – Little Fish
    • “Outer Space” – Ace Frehley
    • “All American Girl” – Carrie Underwood
    • “Stop & Stare” – OneRepublic

    These tracks will be available for purchase as “X Pack 01,” as well as individual tracks on XBox360 and Playstation 3 and as individual tracks only on Wii.  Each song will cost 160 Microsoft points, $1.99 on the Playstation Store and 200 Wii points.  The track pack will cost 560 Microsoft points and $6.99 on the Playstation store.  “Am I Crazy” will be available only on XBox360 and Playstation 3 as a free track.  All of the songs that are in bold are also available in the family friendly Lego Rock Band Music Store.

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