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    TotallyGN was recently involved in a conference call with 2K Sports discussing NHL 2K10 which is set to hit store shelves on September 15, 2009. Throughout this call Ben Bishop (2K Sports Producer), Nicolas Shewchuk (2K Sports Producer), Abe Navarro (2K Sports Lead Gameplay Producer), and Anthony Yampol (2K Sports Gameplay Producer) were answering questions that were submitted ahead of time as well as any live questions that we had as well.

    One thing that they continually stressed was that NHL 2K10 is a better overall hockey game than NHL 2K9. With NHL 2K10 they were really able to learn the code and how to best utilize it to create the best game possible. As far as the competition is concerned NHL 2K10 looks to be a bit more realistic, however, it is going to be a very organic title. What this means is that you won’t necessarily see the same thing over and over again. Hardcore hockey fans will also have slider values so you can customize your experience.

    The controls have changed a little bit with R-stick puck handling being a lot smoother and one on one moves being more realistic. There is also better stick handling, a new backwards skating model and over all just better gameplay. For the Wii version the controls focus less on motions and are more natural. Wii owners will also be happy to hear that this game does support Wii Motion Plus which should make the game that much more realistic. It will allow for 1:1 shooting, directional stickhandling for offense and defense and exclusive flick passing.

    In NHL 2K10 you can also play anything online. You can take created teams online and invite up to 15 friends to join your team for online play. With the Playstation 3 version players can have up to seven players in an online match on one console with the Wii and XBox 360 having up to four. If you make a really good play or something great happens they have also made it really easy to share it with your friends. You will be able to upload to the 2K servers and then download them on to your PC so you can show them off to friends who might not be big gamers.

    Finally, the question was posed as to what their favorite part of the game turned out to be. Anthony said it was the create a team, Nicholas said it was the superskills mode, Ben said it was the ability to play any game online and Abe said the superskills mode as well. 2K Sports hopes to issue updates on a regular basis and if something big (such as a trade) occurs then they will do their best to send out a special update quickly. Be sure to check this game out when it arrives in stores in mid September.

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