• Quake 4 was one of the first groundbreaking first person shooters to be launched alongside the Xbox 360 on the 2nd December 2005 in Europe. It is the first game developed on the Xbox 360 using id Software’s revolutionary Doom 3 technology, taking advantage of dynamic lighting effects, volumetric shading and amazing physics across a vast landscape of creepy indoor and desolated outdoor environments.

    Quake 4

    You’re blasted halfway across the Galaxy and you’re placed into the shoes of Matthew Kane, a member of Earth’s legendary Rhino Squad as you begin your campaign against the Strogg; an alien breed of biological and technological creations who are hell bent on the complete annihilation of mankind, using the remains of the dead to recreate themselves into proficient killing entities of terror.

    When you begin the single player campaign you’re armed with a standard Blaster, which you can charge to release a more powerful ‘blast’ to take out a crazed Strogg! As you make your way through the campaign you will pick up numerous weapons including the almightily rail-gun, which is great for taking out a barrage of enemies who are converging on your position. Alongside the weapons you collect in Quake 4 you will often come across power ups, like health, armour and haste; these are all really useful during and after a fire fight. Also on certain missions you must work together with your squad, which has fantastic character interaction as each member of the invading army has a name and role within the game and you’ll have to protect squad members at times to complete certain objectives; which is rather cool as you get to unlock Xbox Live Achievements.

    Memorising the enemies attack patterns is key to winning any engagement and also fills you with a buzz of excitement as you unleash hundreds of rounds with the Nail gun (with target lock modification) upon your prey. The really neat aspect of the weapons in Quake 4 is that throughout the game; technicians from Rhino Squad will often request your weapon and they will upgrade the weapon with a modification which will help you as you progress. Deeper in Strogg territory you’ll face guardians and once you?ve defeated them the FMV takes over and gives you a deeper, clear understanding of the storyboard that the developers – id Software – have created with previous incarnations of the Quake universe and the introduction of stream-less cut scenes adds another element of emersion in Quake 4.

    While you battle your way through the relentless attacking waves of the Strogg, ultimately trying to destroy the ‘Big Gun’ and Strogg Leader, you?ll get a chance at piloting a Hover Tank and Mech Walker. These vehicles of mayhem are a lot of fun as you get deeper into enemy territory, plus the explosive effects are fantastic as you blow limbs off an attacking mechanised spider-warrior or take aim at an individual Strogg!

    You’ll experience exactly what it’s like to become the enemy you fear most, as your body is butchered with alien medical enhancements and limbs are replaced with cybernetic appendages wielded onto the bleeding joints of your once wiggling arms and legs – in order to defeat the Strogg, you must become the Strogg. We’ve covered the single player aspect of the game and it?s now up to you to defeat the Strogg… Quake 4 would not be complete without multiplayer death match, team death match and capture the flag modes which adds another dimension to the game as you are able to take on human foes from all over the world via Xbox Live.

    Overall we are impressed with id Software’s latest addition to the Quake universe, the story, and the multiplayer battles make Quake 4 a must buy title for your newly purchased Xbox 360 and is a welcome addition to any first person shooter fans collection, see you on Xbox Live.

    Score: 9/10

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