• It’s official, Rambo the video game will be released on the 21st February. So its coming fellow Rambo fans, here a brief description of the scoring system:

    Rambo: The Video Game’s scoring is linked to it’s key progression & reward systems and will also allow Rambo fans to compete globally to find the best players. Players score points throughout a mission by killing enemies and destroying vehicles and the environment. Player’s are also rewarded with 4x bonus on basic points per enemy for a head-shot. For example a Vietcong solder would be worth 25pts for a standard kill and 100pts for a head-shot. At the end of each mission the score is totalled and the player is awarded an overall Mission Score.

    All Missions in Rambo: The Video Game have a star rating system with player’s earning 1, 2 or 3 stars depending on final Mission Score achieved. Achievements and Trophies are awarded to PS3 and Xbox 360 players if 3-star ratings can be achieved. Scoring is also linked to Rambo: The Video Game’s XP and levelling system. During play Rambo can reach a maximum level of 20. Each level-up achieved will unlock new Skills & Perks for Rambo. XP is awarded at the end of each Mission. 1 point of score is equivalent to 1 point of XP – so players achieving high-scores will be able to access Skills & Perks at a faster rate.

    What do you think? Will you be getting this when it hits?

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