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    Harmonix and MTV Games have announced that Rock Band Metal Track Pack, a standalone disc of 20 tracks, is now hitting store shelves. This new track pack is available for the XBox360, Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii for a price of $29.99. The songs included in this track pack include:

    All That Remains – “Two Weeks”

    At the Gates – “Blinded By Fear”

    Black Tide – “ShockWave”

    Blue Oyster Cult – “Transmaniacon MC”

    Bullet For My Valentine – “Waking the Demon”

    Children of Bodom – “Are You Dead Yet”

    Evile – “Thrasher”

    Godsmack – “I Stand Alone”

    The Haunted – “D.O.A.”

    Hawkwind – “Master Of The Universe”

    I Mother Earth – “Levitate”

    In This Moment – “Forever”

    Judas Priest – “Screaming for Vengeance”

    Lacuna Coil – “Closer”

    Lamb of God – “Laid to Rest”

    Motorhead – “Killed by Death”

    Nazareth – “Hair of the Dog”

    Queens of the Stone Age – “3’s & 7’s”

    Rage Against The Machine – “Bulls On Parade”

    Yngwie Malmsteen – “Red Devil”

    Fans who buy this track pack for the XBox360 or Playstation 3 can play directly from the disc or download the songs onto their consoles’ hard drives through a free offer with XBox Live or the Playstation Network. Once downloaded, the songs will automatically appear in the player’s custom Rock Band library and can be integrated into setlists and played in all game modes.

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