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    Earlier today Activision unveiled an exclusive partnership with rock legends Rush for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Rush has partnered with Activision to bring their seven part suite from their classic 2112 album to the game’s all new, story based Quest Mode this September.  For the first time ever, Guitar Hero fans will embark on a voyage playing as eight Guitar Hero characters that transform into rock warriors who must join together to use their unique, game-changing powers to help the Demi-God of Rock take down “The Beast” to save rock.

    “The music, the story and the journey of 2112 lends itself perfectly to the quest in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock,” said Geddy Lee of Rush.  “In our story, the caves of 2112 are where our hero finds the lost guitar and this rediscovery of music is much like the Guitar Hero warriors’ journey to find the Demi-God of Rock’s Legendary guitar, which has been trapped in a cavern.”

    “I love the idea of Guitar Hero; they have combined two great things – music and fun,” said Alex Lifeson of Rush.  “I think it’s a great way to introduce people of all ages to music of various styles by all kinds of different bands, while providing a launching pad for kids who want to get into playing music.”

    Within the narrative-driven journey, Rush and Guitar Hero fans alike will experience 2112 in a totally new and authentic way while traversing the exclusive three-part 2112 Rush-inspired venue and playing their way through the 20 minute, seven-part suite.  Additionally, each song transition will feature band members narrating liner notes from the 2112 album.  Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will include:

    • “2112 Pt. 1 – Overture”
    • “2112 Pt. 2 – The Temples Of Syrinx”
    • “2112 Pt. 3 – Discovery”
    • “2112 Pt. 4 – Presentation”
    • “2112 Pt. 5 – Oracle: The Dream”
    • “2112 Pt. 6 – Soliloquy”
    • “2112 Pt. 7 – Grand Finale”

    “Our collaborations with legendary artists and bands, like Rush, are key to creating an original rock experience and have helped drive Guitar Hero’s success,” said David Haddad, Chief Operating Officer, Guitar Hero.  “The journey that Rush’s 2112 seven-part suite takes fans on fits flawlessly within the story Neversoft has expertly created for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and perfectly adds to the authenticity of the game.”

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