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    SouthPeak has announced their clan and statistics portal for their upcoming title, Section 8. Everything will be accessible at www.joinsection8.com/stats and be available next week when the game ships in North America.


    · Create a Section 8 clan

    o In game clan tags can be setup to automatically update from the portal

    o Ability to turn on/off recruitment status and review the statistics of your incoming applicants

    o Establish hierarchies within your clan (Recruit, Member, Officer, Leader, etc.) and manage rosters directly from the portal

    o Toggle viewing clan member’s e-mail address for coordination outside of the game

    · Over 50+ unique Leaderboards not available in game, categorized by:

    o Career Statistics (XP, Kills, Deaths, Destructions, Combat, Teamwork, etc.)

    o “In a Life” Records (XP, Teamwork, Combat, Kills, Damage, Captures, Repairs, Defenses, Destruction)

    o Gear “In a Life” Records (Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Knife, etc.)

    o Badges (32x badges)

    o Feats (16x feats)

    · All Leaderboards can be changed to best “overall” or best “within my clan”

    · Overall community page that tracks the top players / top clans, as well as tracks continuously updated community wide statistics (ex: most popular map, popular gear, popular loadout, etc.)

    · A unique player profile page for each user that tracks over 100 unique in-game statistics to the individual that can be set to rank either best “overall” or best “within my clan”

    · Mutually exclusive statistics for each platform (Xbox 360, PC)

    · Supports players from all regions (EFIGS)

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