• Activision announced earlier this week that Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure was the #1 best selling console and handheld video game title between January and April 30, 2012 worldwide based on revenue inclusive of toys and accessories, according to the NPD Group, Charttrack and Activision internal estimates.

    Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure combines unique and collectible “toys with brains” with an epic digital fantasy world, creating an unprecedented medium for cross-platform, communal play. Physical toys spring to virtual life by placing them on them the Portal of Power peripheral included with every starter pack. This novel concept was universally acclaimed after its launch, becoming the #1 best-selling kid’s video game title worldwide in 2011 based on revenue inclusive of toys and accessories and the best-performing new children’s video game IP in North America in overall single-year revenue, inclusive of software and accessories since NPD began tracking the category in 1998. Since claiming the top overall sales spot for 2012, the game has eclipsed the usual constraints of genre and demographics-no longer a daring experiment, Skylanders is now an unqualified monster hit.

    “This achievement is incredibly gratifying, and quite an honor for everyone at Activision and our team at Toys for Bob,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing.  “It was a simple idea really-bridging the gap between real and virtual play-but one that required tremendous creativity to execute and communicate to our audience.  It spawned a new category and a new platform for play in an overwhelmingly challenging marketplace.  We couldn’t be happier that there is an ever-growing universe of Portal Masters out there.”

    Have you played Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure?  If so, what did you think?

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