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    Activision has announced that a standalone turntable controller is now available today at retail stores nationwide.  Additionally, the first one-hundred thousand fans to purchase a standalone turntable controller will receive an exclusive Shepard Fairey poster, featuring the artist’s unique renderings of the game’s all-star cast of in-game DJs and talent.

    In addition to the DJ vs DJ competitive game modes that give beat chemists the option to battle head to head, two DJs can mix and scratch together on multiple turntable controllers.  A player can join in to emcee over any track in the game with a mic or, using a Guitar Hero controller along with a turntable controller, gamers can perform a series of infamous DJ-guitar exclusive mixes, just as many of the artists in DJ Hero have.

    “Adding a second DJ Hero turntable controller to the mix puts a new spin on the game’s social experience,” said Jamie Jackson, Creative Director at FreeStyleGames.  “Now, living room DJs can go play with their friends and family and enjoy our exclusive mixes in another all-new way.”

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