• Capcom has revealed that the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set is now available.  The set can be purchased on the PS3 and Xbox 360 for $149.99.  Created as a celebration and tribute to its fans, the limited edition set is individually numbered and jam-packed with  Street Fighter games, video, art, music, and exclusive collectibles.  The items are housed in a specially created chest complete with a certificate of authenticity.

    The limited edition  Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set  includes:

    • Past and Present  Street Fighter Games – Playable on PS3 and Xbox 360, the four critically-acclaimed titles selected from the star-studded catalog are:  Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix,  Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition,  Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition with all costume DLC, and  Street Fighter X Tekken including all character and Swap Costume DLC.
    • Exclusive Video – The two-disc Blu-Ray set includes I am Street Fighter, a documentary that highlights the profound influence the franchise has had on fans – and vice versa – throughout the years. The collection of videos also includes  Street FighterIV and  Super Street FighterIV Anime movies as well as all episodes of the Street Fighter animated series and  Street FighterII: The Animated Movie.
    • Light-up Ryu Statue – A specially commissioned and highly-detailed collectable Ryu statue stands prominently at 8” tall and features the iconic character in mid-Shoryuken, with flames lit from below.
    • 11-Disc Soundtrack –  Street Fighter game music spanning the past 25 years, in addition to remixes and fan-created music inspired by past  Street Fighter  games.
    • 64-page Hardcover Art Book – A tribute to  Street Fighter game fans from all over the world, the art book includes fan pieces submitted by professional and aspiring artists alike.
    • Ryu’s Belt – Created to regulation specs, the full-size martial arts black belt is a replica of the one Ryu wears and even includes his classic “Fūrinkazan” in kanji!
    • Certificate of Authenticity – Each Collector’s Set comes individually numbered complete with a certificate of authenticity.

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