• Tetris has been around for a long, long time… in fact a very long time. It was originally created by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, and although the game has undergone a few changes with varying game modes/goals throughout the years, in the main the formulae has never changed. In Tetris you have seven different coloured tetrominoes and your main aim in the game is to form a line or lines across the matrix in order to clear that line or multiple lines and accrue points, the longer you play the faster the game gets and failure results when you top out and as such block yourself off from allowing any more tetrominoes to fall. Move past the history lesson and bring yourself back into the present world of HD gaming and now THQ have released the latest Tetris offering that is Tetris Evolution onto the Xbox 360.

    In Tetris Evolution you have a whole array of game modes to chew through, modes in the main that you have seen before but the game contains enough variety to keep the challenges flowing. These modes include Marathon, Cascade, Race, Score, Go Low, Eraser, Hotline and Ultra albeit that the majority of these modes only look to slightly tweak your Tetris objective in different fashions. Tetris Evolution also offers Xbox LIVE Multiplayer for up to four players as well as being able to play with up to four players offline on the same console.

    One immediate nice piece with Tetris Evolution is that you can now tweak the infinite spin feature that had bled into previous versions of Tetris and you can now change how many times a piece can be spun once it has touched down… now/and whilst this may not sound like an important feature, it does at least allow the skilled players to play the game as it should be played. You also have quite a few other options to tweak with each game mode including what level you start on, how many starting lines you would like on the screen straight away and what scoring factors you would like turned on or off.

    Tetris Evolution

    Whilst this is a game designed for the next generation console, it is quite simply after all just a standard Tetris puzzle game with the seven different coloured shapes falling down your screen and as such is nothing really to write home about. You do at least have few tweaks available to you with changing your Matrix design, Avatar and on screen Background, although your concentration should be on placing your pieces and not on what is going on around you. The music score is also on a varied theme with the majority of the tracks being completely forgettable with just a few tracks allowing you to bop/nod your head to the beat as you engage your brain with the job at hand.

    Of course this being the Xbox 360, Tetris Evolution does come with a large amount of achievements to gain, forty achievements to be precise worth the one thousand gamerscore and it has to be said; well thought out and some very tricky achievements to gain contained within the list. Some of these achievements will be grabbed as you progress and grow your marathon and other game mode score lines but others are set to test you with the likes of gaining a certain score within a certain time limit to others asking you to perform certain Tetris moves back to back. Some of these tricky ones include performing three tetrises in three drops which… well… is no where near as easy as it might sound and will have you building twelve almost complete lines and praying for three straight piece blocks to drop one after the other, being rather thankful that you can now hold a piece of your choice in reserve. Other tricky moves include T-Spins with the art of spinning the T piece into a gap that should not allow the piece to naturally fit. It is really the achievement list that makes this game a good one as they are far from being a walk in the park and will require several hours of gaming if you are to attain the full hit of one thousand.

    Tetris Evolution is a good game, and it is nice that the game is priced at just twenty pounds in the UK. There is plenty to keep you coming back for more, but would not be classed as a game that would keep you interested for long periods in my opinion and I would class this as a casual pick up and play game when you feel the need for a bit of Tetris puzzle fun. The wealth of game modes will keep you interested and also entertained. This is a bargain priced game and whilst sits firmly as a pure puzzle piece… it’s a great blast from the past title to grace the Xbox 360.

    Score: 6/10

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