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    Gamers looking to buy a used copy of UFC Undisputed 2010 might want to think again.  THQ has announced that you will need a code to use any of the XBox Live/Playstation Network features in UFC Undisputed 2010.  This code is located on the back of the instruction manual and is good for one use.  If you buy a new copy of the game you have nothing to worry about and are good to go.  However, if you buy a used copy of the game, and you want to use the online features in UFC Undisputed 201o then there will be a one time fee of $5 to purchase the license.  THQ’s official comment on the situation is as follows:

    THQ is delivering a truly unmatched online gaming experience for fans of UFC and across all fighting games in general.  The main enhancement of UFC Undisputed 2010’s premium online content is the new “Fight Camp Mode” in which players can assemble ranks of up to 40 people and train together.  This is a significant value-add to the game as players can continually improve their skills by training with their friends and bringing teams of MMA specialists together.

    This multiplayer content for UFC Undisputed 2010 will be available via a one-time code included with the game at purchase.  Codes for accessing the content will be available for second time buyers for an additional $5.

    Details for acquiring the codes and how this will work will be available via the UFC community site.

    With EA Sports announcing a similar program with their upcoming titles, and with Madden NFL 10 already requiring a code for online franchises, one has to wonder whether this will become a common practice.  Stores such as Gamestop certainly make a lot of money on used titles which is money the developer doesn’t see.  What do you think?

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    • Andy

      what happens if u just brought the game brand new from the shop and the code still doesn’t work it says its been used already how is this possible?

    • Where did you try to redeem the code? If you did it within the game it won’t work. You have to redeem the code on XBox Live/PSN and not in the game itself.

      On XBox Live you would simply hit the guide button and scroll left until you see the “Redeem Code” option. If you have the PS3 version the redeem code option is at the top right of the screen in the Playstation Store.

      If you did do it this way and you are 100% certain that you have typed in the code correctly then I would return it to the store you bought it. Ask them if you can exchange it for another copy of the game because the one you bought from them isn’t working properly.

    • annelise

      how do you enter the online code?

    • If you are playing the XBox360 version all you have to do is hit the guide button on the 360 controller (that big glowing x), scroll left and find the “redeem code” option.

      If you are playing the Playstation 3 version you need to go into the Playstation Store. Go to the redeem code option is at the top right corner of the screen.

    • annelise

      ok and just enter the code in the code in

    • lynn

      Hey can someone help me. I have bought the code and am able to play online to be matched up with strangers but how can I fight against friends online? i Have ps3

    • When Anderson Silva gonna fight again?

    • Jeremy

      Just in further clarification for the online unlock. The code is on the back of the user guide. It is a 12 digit code mixed numeric and alpha-numeric.

      In the game menu, select online (should be greyed out)
      –> it will ask you if you want to redeem your online unlock code
      ——>click YES

      Next, it will bring you out of the game and onto the network and you will have a screen asking you to purchase.. DO NOT PURCHASE this is unnecessary if you had already bought the game.

      At the top of the screen navigate around there are 3 toggle buttons, the further left toggle button that says “REDEEM CODE” click this, and enter your key code. The game will ask you to install the unlock click “YES”.

      after download and install, exit out and return to the game and your online game mode will be unlocked. Good luck and hope to see you online!

    • AlEXXX

      this whole paying to play online is some serious bullshit ive been playing the game online for some time now im 560-57 so im no newb… but there are some much bullshit glitches that just kill the online experience i get disconnected from server at least 8 times a day especially when im winning! and its not my opponent quiting its the server… punches constantly go through my opponents head which is very annoying. and about 2 times out of ten when i shoot for a takedown my fighter will dunk down but not finnish a take down. there are times when i land twice as many punches as my opponent and they still somehow manage to knock me out… opponents can keep you in the clinch up against the cage for half the round even though and i cant seem to get out even after over 15 transitions. and online camp mode is nothing special at all i joined an online camp and it has not at all made the game anymore fun or added any more replay value to it its just so full of glitches and spamming that it just kills it

    • John

      it always says the cod you entered my not be correct or my no longer be valid.

    • John

      it is on ps3

    • Dylan

      im pissed i dont have a credit card , my other account got deleted now i cant play online, even though we buy the game they still want to complicate us, where do we buy the ps3 cards? since i have to purchase online, i dont have a credit card.

    • You can buy a Playstation Network card at Best Buy, Target, Gamestop, 7-Eleven, Vons and any other store that sells that type of thing

    • Fernando

      come on brandon, i know you can help me. i bought the game in brazil (during vacation on my grand´s house) and the code didn´t work. it´s still saying that the code no longer be valid

    • Jay

      What about if I rented the game and it didn’t come with the manual.

    • not worth buying it new just buy the five pound online code it’s better buying a game 20 pound not 50

    • Ha-ha I appreciate just about anything that you post man !

    • jeremy i did what u say but they told me the code is not valid or not in use

    • This is really good.

    • clyde

      was lucky bought it online used tried the code for the hell of it and it went through hell yeah

    • I just tried the code and it still works I thought I would just let you know!
      Thanks saved $5!

    • Scott

      What the hell? I bought this game brand new a while back.
      and I’ve only just tried online and it’s apparently invalid.
      There is no way anyone has used this.
      I can’t return it as the shop isn’t even open anymore.

    • Mihai

      i have bought the ufc game , and the code doesn`t works , anyone know what to do ?

    • OMRI

      If i bought a brand new game anf i get the screen that says: “the code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid”.
      What can i do?

      • Are you sure that you typed in the code correctly? Is it possible that you could have typed in the letter “o” instead of the number zero or something similar? If not do you still have your receipt? I would say take it back to your store and get another copy.

    • Allan

      I bought the PS3 game new from Tesco and it doesn’t work for me either. I’ve definitely keyed in the correct code. There’s no redeem code option for the online pack within the PS store, so I tried to fund it via a PSN card and keyed the code from the back of the manual. However I got the same message as OMRI – the code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid. Have they just expired these things or what?

    • Nathan

      Where is the code

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    • sucker

      f**k u i cant pay 5 i want it free