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    Activision announced today that the greatest Super Hero action/RPG team-up just got a super-powered upgrade with Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 downloadable content, now available until December 31, 2009, for the XBox360 and Playstation 3. Players can now experience Marvel’s epic Civil War storyline with five all-new playable characters in their arsenal: Carnage, Psylocke and Cable make their XBox360 and Playstation 3 debuts in the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series alongside returning fan favorites Magneto and Black Panther. The downloadable content also includes four new challenge missions, including all-new boss encounters, dangerous gauntlets and more. This new content is available for 800 Microsoft points and $9.99 from the Playstation store. Also joining the team will be Juggernaut, now available for download for 160 Microsoft points and $1.99 on the Playstation store.

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