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    THQ has announced a great contest to help coincide with next week’s release of deBlob 2.  To combat Comrade Black and the evil INKT Corporation from draining all color from the world, THQ and Mitsubishi are delivering fans the ultimate de Blob® 2 prize pack, including 3D-enabled copies of de Blob 2 official de Blob figurines, T-shirts, and for one lucky winner, the Mitsubishi Diamond 838 65-inch 3DTV and a 3D-enabled copy of de Blob 2.

    To enter the official “de Blob is Looking Good” sweepstakes, simply head over to the official de Blob 2 Facebook page and click on the sweepstakes tab, and confirm your email address. It’s that easy. You’ll automatically be entered to take home this amazing prize pack that will immediately bring the color and 3D revolution right into your living room. The grand prize will be announced on February 22 to celebrate the release of de Blob 2. You read that right – only one week to go! If you haven’t already, start liking!

    In de Blob 2, join mischievous prankster and unlikely hero Blob to battle Comrade Black and his Inky minions by repainting the world any way you want. Return vibrant color and rocking music to the citizenry and lead them against INKT in a color revolution.  Inspiration is your most powerful weapon!

    And what better way to experience de Blob 2 than in 3D on the MITSUBISHI WD-65838 65″ 3D HOME CINEMA TV? With the Diamond 838 series, Mitsubishi brings you all you need to experience the ultimate at-home experience right out of the box. A 16 speaker array capable of producing 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, a 3D 1080p display & StreamTV Internet Media so you can stream HD movies without additional boxes or cables. Mitsubishi’s Diamond 838, with 3D picture plus 3D sound. It’s doesn’t get any better! Want more? Check out the full specs here: http://www.mitsubishi-tv.com/product/WD65838

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