• Capcom has announced that World Gone Sour is now available on XBox Live and the Playstation Network.  Based on the popular Sour Then Sweet candy Sour Patch Kids, World Gone Sour puts players in the role of a miniature lost piece of candy that sets off on a journey to find its ultimate destination – the human stomach.

    Gamers traverse through a stylized human-sized world, guiding the tiny hero through unique locations such as the frozen tundra of the ice cream display, the hot griddle of sizzling hamburgers and popping popcorn, and the un-inviting spooky shed.  Players must use a combination of jumps, twists and puzzle-solving using collected Sour Patch Kids found along the way to negotiate and overcome larger than life obstacles.

    World Gone Sour allows for local co-op play and is available for 400 Microsoft points or $4.99 on the Playstation Network.  In addition, the game features the recently released “World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids)” track from Grammy award winning hip-hop artist Method Man.  The game also includes cheeky narrations by actor Creed Bratton (“The Office”), who provides snack-sized quips and tidbits throughout the game.

    Check out the launch trailer (as well as the music video) below and tell us what you think.  Will you download World Gone Sour?

    World Gone Sour – Launch Trailer


    World Gone Sour – Music Video

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